How much does a consultation cost?

At Meyerland Orthodontics we offer complimentary orthodontic consultation. In your First consultation you get a chance to meet with Dr. Mostafa and discuss all your teeth health concerns. The Meyerland orthodontics team will discuss the treatment plan and all the financial options.

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What to Expect on your first visit ?

-Upon your arrival , you will be welcomed by our office manager and you will be asked to fill out some forms that contain basic information about you, your medical history and your main concerns.

-A panoramic X-ray is usually needed for proper diagnosis of any underlying problem that might be hidden in your gums.

-Our Orthodontist will review these forms, have a discussion about your concerns. Dr. Mostafa will conduct a full exam of your teeth and smile.

-After the full exam, Dr. Mostafa will discuss his treatment recommendations if treatment is needed . He will answer all your questions and concerns.

Will I need to take X-Rays?

-A panoramic x-ray is needed for proper evaluation of any problems that are hidden in your gums and if you recently had an X-ray done, please bring it with you to your consultation visit.

-Sometimes an X-ray of the side of the head “lateral Ceph” or a Cone Beam CT scan might be necessary for accurate diagnosis .

Should I expect pain during my orthodontic exam visit?

-No, there should be no pain or discomfort on your initial consultation.

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